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Mini Volleyball

Mini Volley

Mini Volley Clinics at San ClementeVB

Mini Camp is perfect for beginners or those who want more skill instruction.        ​

Players will learn all fundamental skills and will be prepared to move to Club Lite or Club training. Open to grades K-3rd.   ​

The SC way is positive, detailed and fun! Advanced clinics are posted online. 

Mondays 9/9-10/28 3:00-4:00

$15/Session or $110 for all Mondays ($10.00 Savings)

Thursdays 8/29-10/24 3:00-4:00

$15/Session or $125 for all Thursdays ($10.00 Savings)

All Mondays and Thursdays are $220.00 ($30.00 Savings)